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19 – 22 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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11 Mar 2024

Cabineo X: Cabinet connector and shelf support without edge drilling

Lamello AG Stand: E36

Cabineo X
The new Cabineo X is the latest addition to Lamello’s Cabineo range – offering more possibilities than ever before. Thanks to the new cabinet connector and shelf support without edge drilling, a cabinet is assembled completely with the Cabineo system from Lamello. 

Versatile combination options thanks to the multifunctional housing

The Cabineo X can be used in combination with Euro screws Cabineo 12, Cabineo 8 and the metric Cabineo 8 M6 screw, as well as 5 mm or 3 mm shelf supports. Thanks to the open connector housing, corner connections or fixed shelves can be easily added and fastened at a later date. In addition, prior screw assembly facilitates the placement of the cabinet cover. With the Cabineo X, the screw can also be replaced at a later date without any problems. This means that a cabinet with shelves can be assembled completely with the Cabineo system, even in combination with metal. The existing Cabineo cover caps are used for colour coordination with the cabinet.
Greater safety thanks to secured shelves
The Cabineo X protects the shelf from being pulled out, reducing the risk of injury to children. Moreover, the shelf is secured against pressure from below by prestressing – meaning any shelves already mounted do not fall out during transport. This is also ideal for shelves that are exposed to vibrations, such as in caravan and ship construction or in rail transport.
The efficient solution for all CNC machines
The efficiency of the Cabineo X when used with CNC machines is worth particular mention. Clean surface machining enables easy integration into 3-axis CNC machines without additional edge drill holes for wood dowels. This makes the Cabineo X a time-saving and cost-efficient solution for furniture production. The Cabineo X from Lamello sets new standards in furniture production by raising flexibility, safety and efficiency to a new level. Furniture manufacturers can now benefit from a new, innovative solution.
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