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materials & finishes show 2026

17 - 19 May 2026
NEC, Birmingham

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01 Mar 2024

Design is creativity with strategy. Discover your design potential with BOYUT Edgeband Solutions.


Boyut Plastik was established in 2005 with the aim of producing the edge band which is used to cover the edges of wood-based panels used in furniture and door production. After joining Alim Group in 2010, Boyut Plastik has achieved a rapid growth momentum thanks to its direct investments of a total of 200 million TL for capacity increase, specially between 2017 and 2020.

In 2018, it moved to its newly constructed and modern building in Hadımköy District, just 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport. The four-storey factory building consists of a closed area of 20 thousand m2. There is an extrusion line on the first floor and a printing line on the second floor. Due to the height difference on one side of the building, slicing, packaging and shipping are carried out on the third floor, which also has a loading ramp. The fourth floor is used as the administration floor.

The company also has a 7.5 MW solar power plant investment that will be operational soon, for electricity production.

Boyut Import-Export D.o.o., which was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2017 carries out edge banding sales activities for the domestic market in its warehouse with a closed area of 2 thousand m2. Boyut Plastik plans to open another warehouse in Europe to strengthen its presence in the market.

The main raw materials used by the company in production are PVC, ABS, PP and ACRYLIC. PP is mainly used on door surfaces and edges, and in bathroom cabinet products that will be lacquered.

One of the strengths of Boyut Plastik is its success in providing optimum visual and textural harmony between the wood based panel and the corresponding edge band. In addition to product groups consisting of solid color, wood, stone, textile patterned and silvery edge bands with soft touch, matte, bute, high gloss surface alternatives, textured and plain metalized and paintable foils are also available.

Products range from 0.20 mm - 2 mm thickness and 19 mm - 700 mm width. Jumbo roll standard widths are 350 mm & 700 mm, and lengths vary between 100 and 300 meters, depending on thickness.

The company, which has more than 8 thousand decorations in its archive, over 1.000 printing and over 50 embossing cylinders. There is also a stock program of approximately 200 decors (mostly 0.4 and 0.8 mm) ready for immediate shipment.

Since high quality standards and operational efficiency are among the company's leading principles, samples taken from production are tested periodically. Thickness control, solid color matching with spectrophotometer, cross-cutting, surface roughness, dimensional stability, ash content, accelerated aging, primer adhesion, gloss level are among the tests performed.

Distinctive from its competitors with its innovative dynamism and unique strategies, Boyut Plastik continues its efforts to strengthen the trust and satisfaction of its customers without interruption.

The company aims to have a 25% market share in the Turkish edge banding market and to be among the top 5 among European edge banding manufacturers.

Alim Group, which expands its targets every day and is one of the rising powers of Turkey in the sectors it operates, today has 7 companies with 400 employees in 5 countries, 2 of which are in Türkiye and 5 of which are in Balkans ; Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia (2 companies) and Kosovo.
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