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materials & finishes show 2026

17 - 19 May 2026
NEC, Birmingham

Exhibitor Zone Space (Read Only)


Exhibitor Zone Space (Read Only)

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This Operations Manual is here to help you organise your stand.

Whatever your plans for your stand, please take time to have a look over the Compulsory and Optional Forms as this will summarise what information you need to send to whom, by which date. This list is very important, as some external suppliers will add on surcharges for late orders.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Ops team on  


We look forward to working with you towards a successful Materials & Finishes Show 2024!




Katie and Jess work closely as a team to give you any advice or support you need to make organising your stand as simple and effective as possible.  This will cover questions on Health & Safety, your Shell Scheme, the Venue, Build Up etc. They are also responsible for Health and Safety, managing the official contractors, liaising with the venue and organising the infrastructure that goes into creating the whole environment on-site at the event.  Hopefully you can find the information you need in other sections of this manual but if not please contact them. If they don’t know the answer, they will know someone who does!


Ranju & Maya are always on hand to talk about your stand or sponsorship requirements, or if you want an update on how sales are progressing – which brands are about to join us or if you need any information outside operational elements. Do email or call them with any questions or if you would like to talk about your participation.

Zoe, Millie and Rosie form our ACE marketing team for MAFS. Do contact them to talk through your plans for MAFS and how you are working to drive attendance to your stand. They are all full of ideas on how best to maximise your ROI from joining the line-up at MAFS. Share with them your product launches and PR stories, your marketing plans linked to the show, special events you are creating for September. If you have any problems accessing your exhibitor hub, updating your exhibitor profile, finding your unique registration link these are the contact details you need.

Exhibition Timetable

To download the Timetable, please click here.




Wednesday 15 May


0800hrs – 1800hrs

Floorcovering installation commences and delivery of machinery and equipment as per schedule to be confirmed with ILS.

All deliveries must be pre-booked and scheduled with ILS in order to gain access.

Thursday 16 May    





0800hrs – 2000hrs





Space Only construction plus delivery of machinery exhibits continues.

Contractors should check that all services have been pulled through in the correct position before they start to build the stand.

From 6pm there will be no service support. i.e., no electrician or venue services available.

Construction waste is required to be taken away each day. Click here  for our waste policy and advice.

Any vehicles unloading with be required to pre-book a time slot via the NEC’s Event Delivery System powered by Voyage Control. All lifting services must be pre-booked and scheduled with ILS in order to gain access.

Friday 17 May     0800hrs-1800hrs

Space Only construction plus delivery of machinery exhibits continues. 

Contractors should check that all services have been pulled through in the correct position before they start to build the stand.  

From 6pm there will be no service support. i.e. no electrician or venue services available. 


Space Only construction plus delivery of machinery exhibits continues.  

 Shell Scheme ready for exhibitors to begin interior display (1200hrs). 

  Any vehicles unloading with be required to pre-book a time slot via the NEC’s Event Delivery System powered by Voyage Control.  

Construction waste is required to be taken away each day. Click here for our waste policy and advice. 

Saturday 18 May

0800hrs – 2000hrs

All stands to be complete, litter and stand construction materials to be removed from the halls by 1800hrs.  Stand dressing only after this time. 

Construction waste is required to be taken away each day. Click here for our waste policy and advice. 

Please note: last access to the hall will be 1900hrs 

Any vehicles unloading with be required to pre-book a time slot via the NEC’s Event Delivery System powered by Voyage Control. On this day the deposit system is also in operation. 





Sunday 19 May                             0800 – 1800hrs

1000 – 1700hrs

Monday 20 May

0900 – 1800hrs

1000 – 1700hrs

Tuesday 21 May

0900 – 2100hrs

1000 – 2000hrs

Wednesday 22 May

0900 – 2100hrs

1000 – 1600hrs





Wednesday 22 May

1630hrs – 2100hrs

Cars and small vans should park in the outer car parks on arrival until the show has closed and they will then be given direct access through the nominated Gate.  (They will not be able to queue at the Gate). 

Breakdown begins at approx. 1700hrs once visitors have cleared the halls.  Contractors will not be allowed access for breakdown until all it is deemed safe to do so. Once we are in the breakdown phase all exhibits and portable displays should be removed from the hall. 

Waste must be taken away.Click here for our waste policy and advice. Should it be left a waste charge and fine will be charged to the exhibitor. Please ensure the appointed stand builder removes the stand waste to avoid these charges. 

All Shell Scheme stands must be completely cleared of all products, furniture, graphics, portable displays etc. 

Dismantling of shell scheme stands will begin at 2000hrs on Wednesday 22 May. The safety of any items left behind is the responsibility of the exhibitor. 

It is advisable NOT to leave the stand unattended during the breakdown period. 

Thursday 23 May

0800hrs – 1600hrs

Hall to be completely clear by 1800hrs. Removal of stand fittings and clearance of Space Only sites only. 

Waste must be taken away. Click here for our waste policy and advice. Should it be left a waste charge and fine will be charged to the exhibitor. Please ensure the appointed stand builder removes the stand waste to avoid these charges.  

Please make sure your contractor has clear instructions to remove all stand construction materials (including flooring, carpet and carpet tape).  

Removal of stand fittings and clearance of Space Only sites only.  

Any vehicles loading with be required to pre-book a time slot via the NEC’s Event Delivery System powered by Voyage Control. 


Work outside these hours will not be allowed. Only in emergency situations, e.g. unavoidable delays due to circumstance outside the contractor’s control, will late work be permitted subject to availability of required resources. Contractors must inform the Organiser ASAP but no later than 1400hrs that day to arrange and pay for late working. An hourly charge per stand of £250 + VAT per hour until midnight will need to be made on-site at the organisers office to cover staffing and administration costs.  Please note depending on timing we cannot guarantee that sufficient amount of required support, from the venue, Health & Safety Officer etc. can be provided.  We therefore require all exhibitors and contractors to ensure that space only stands are designed to be completed in the time available. 

Wednesday 15 May is reserved for flooring installation and the specialist listing and installation of machinery and equipment only, no stand build is permitted on this day. All deliveries are required to pre-book a timeslot with ILS which you can book by emailing If you require a crane or forklift to unload your machinery exhibits this must also be booked by ILS who are the only authorised lifting contractor for the event. 

Any vehicles unloading from Thursday 16th will be required to pre-book a timeslot via the NEC’s Event Delivery System powered by Voyage Control. This will be open to book from 17th April 2024. 

DELIVERY PROCESS Click Here for a summary of the delivery process. This includes information on:

  • The online pre-booking Event Delivery System
  • The Deposit System (which is in place on Monday 22nd May)
  • Hire Transport & Contractors
  • Overnight Parking
  • Contact details for delivery enquiries

For further details on delivery of goods, delivery of scheduled machinery, vehicle access and freight forwarding can be found in the A-Z Regulations & General Information section.

Do not leave valuables unattended at any time.  Breakdown in a particularly vulnerable time so please be extra vigilant.

MAFS is a TRADE ONLY event, persons under the age of 16 will not be admitted into the Exhibition Hall AT ANY TIME.







Aerial Connections, Crowd Control & Floor Work e.g. bolting down

NEC Order before the 4th of May to receive the best rates

Audio Visual Equipment 

Immersive AV

20% Discount on orders placed before 26th April 2024.

Catering / Stand Hospitality


Order before the 4th of May to receive the best rates

Copyright Music PPL / PRS Licences

PPL / PRS – purchase licence here


Contractor Badges for Build & Breakdown

Montgomery Group ASAP

Electrical Services

Human Built


Exhibitor Car Parking  Montgomery Group  ASAP

Floorcovering (Space Only)

Human Built

Monday 13th May

Will be able to order onsite at the service desk


Creative Hire

ASAP due to stock availability

Gas / Water & Waste / Compressed Air




Human Built

Wednesday 8th May

Hotel Accommodation 



Internet and Telecoms



Lead Scanners/ Data Pens

Live Buzz (visit Exhibitor Hub homepage)


Lifting, Handling & Freight Forwarding 

Password: MFS24  


Friday 19th April

Machinery Electrical Mains

Human Built


Rigging Enquiry



Security NEC


Shell Scheme Accessories/Extras

Human Built

Monday 13th May.

Will be able to order onsite

Stand Electrics   Human Built 

Wednesday 24th April.

Will be able to order onsite

Stand Cleaning & Waste



Demonstration Notification  Montgomery Group Friday 19th April


Any exhibitor joining the exhibition after the published deadlines should please treat these forms as urgent.

Official Suppliers



Immersive AV 

T: +44 (0)20 8961 2555  


Click here for the brochure! 



Human Built
T: +44 (0)7760 172 543

Please click here for the Webshop 



Amadeus Food
T: +44 (0)121 767 3932


The NEC Stand Delivery Service
Tel: +44 (0)844 338 8338
International Callers: +44 (0)121 767 2357


T: +44 (0)844 338 8338


Human Built
T: +44 (0)7760 172 543

Please click here for the Webshop 


Live Buzz
Please register for Exhibitor Badges via your Exhibitor Hub homepage


John Lawson
Click here for the Logistics Page (Password MFS24)


Creative Hire
Tracey Copson
T: +44 (0)1676 545 416

Click here to browse and order online.  


Perton Signs 
T: +44 (0) 7760 172 543


Hotel Map
Please click here for the HotelMap website.   


Didac Ltd

Elaine Stanley
T: +44(0)80 0773 4230   



T: +44 (0)844 338 8338



T: +44 (0)843 178 1931


See details for ILS under

Freight Forwarding


Simon Lane
T:  +44 (0)121 767 2688


Human Built
T: +44 (0)7760 172 543

Please click here for the Webshop 


Johanna Shirley
T: +44 (0)208 946 1536


T: +44 (0)844 338 8338



Useful Contacts

We do not share your details with the following companies, but you may require some of these services.


T: +44 (0)844 338 8338


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
T: +44 (0)845 010 9000

Or contact the Freight Forwarding company – ILS


Environmental Health Office


Expo Floors Ltd
Jake Tatlow

T: +44 (0)1922 721177


Tel: +44 (0)844 338 8338 / +44 (0)121 767 2357



You can find a stand contractor via the ESSA Supplier List, contact details and links below:

Christine Cottrell
ESSA - Event Supplier & Sevices Association
T: +44 (0)1442 285 812
E: //
W: ESSA - Member List  // ESSA - Tender

Click here for our Recommended Stand Builders List. 


Bond Associates
T: +44 (0)845 130 4548




When you exhibit with us we will share your contact data with our official suppliers under the lawful basis of “Contract” because they will need to engage with you operationally in a timely manner to ensure you get the best possible exhibiting experience but also so that sufficient personnel and equipment resources can be made available for the show.  The suppliers will only use this information to fulfil the purposes outlined below and will not be able to use the information for any other purpose. If you do not require any of the services listed contact the supplier and they will remove you from their database.  You can see more about how your data is used and your rights in relation to your data in our privacy policy here.

ILS - Lifting and Freight Forwarding
Immersive AV - AV
HotelMap - Hotel Bookings
Human Built - Electrics, Shell Scheme, Floorcovering, Graphics
Live Buzz - Exhibitor Badges, Lead Scanners
NEC – Catering, Compressed Air, Water and Waste, Internet
Scot-Baker - Space Only Stand Plan Approvals 
Creative Hire - Furniture


Space Only Stand Regulations & Information

Space only means no walls, no carpet and no electricity, just a marked-out area on the floor.  

All space only exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction, and for ensuring that they, or their contractor, has received a written ‘Permission to Build’ before arriving on-site. 

All work must be carried out in conformity with the Rules and Regulations of the venue and the Local Authority. The eGuide provides guidance on achieving common regulative standards for events.  We recommend that exhibitors use a member of the Event Suppliers & Services Association (ESSA) to build their stands, which will provide the security of knowing their contactor is backed by the association's Code of Conduct, Quality Charter and Bond.

All large machinery will have a scheduled delivery time according to the location of the stand in the hall. This process will help all exhibitors and ensure a smooth build up and breakdown.  It will be managed and co-ordinated by our lifting contractor ILS.  ILS will contact all exhibitors separately but if you have any queries in the meantime please email John Lawson on

Make sure your contractor checks the location and orientation of your stand in relation to an up-to-date floorplan, and that they build within the given parameters. The thickness of walls must be calculated inside the outer dimensions of the stand. The Organisers will not be liable for any costs incurred to rectify mistakes or make adjustments on-site. Below are some considerations when planning your stand. 

  • How many walls will be required?  An exhibitor’s Contract to Exhibit will indicate ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’ or ‘four’ open sides. Three open sides indicates the need for one back wall, two open sides indicates the need for two walls etc.  
  • Space Only exhibitors may not make use of walls provided by neighbouring stands that are built from the Organisers shell scheme. 
  • What are the other requirements or issues that need to be taken into consideration, e.g., store area, reception desk, and kitchen or sink requirements, disposal of waste from sampling etc. 
  • If services such as water and waste are being used, exhibitors should consider the use of a platform to avoid unsightly pipes and connections (which could also cause a trip hazard) from the service ducts. 
  • What floor covering should you have? If you are demonstrating a produce that produces waste you may also want to consider a floorcovering which is easy to clean down.
  • How much lighting do you need?  Use spotlights to highlight particular products or graphics.
  • You may supply your own electrical fittings, provided that all pre-wiring is carried out before you arrive onsite. Whoever has done the wiring then needs to sign a certificate to the effect that the work has been done by qualified personnel and in accordance with all rules and regulations governing electrical installations. This certificate needs to be handed to the electrical contractor before power to the stand is made live. 
  • When appointing a contractor, exhibitors should obtain guarantees that the stand will be finished and all litter and stand construction materials removed from the exhibition halls by 1800 hrs on Saturday 18 May.  After this time should be interior dressing only. 

Exhibitor lorries with HIABS on the trailer or exhibitors needing to use specialized lifting equipment will only be allowed in the hall if the Organisers and ILS have been notified before Friday 19 April. Operators will be asked to show certificates and suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments and Method Statements both pre event and onsite.



You will need to ensure that the build of your stand at the event is carried out safely. The CDM Regulations provide a framework to help you ensure that your stand is constructed safely and fulfil your legal obligations.

As organisers we carry out a number of activities as part of our own responsibilities some of which will help you fulfil your obligations. Please contact if you need any further help or information.

Organisers Support:

  • We ensure that all Space Only Contractors provide us with Construction and Dismantle Phase Plans, consisting of Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Stand Plans and Welfare Arrangements.  We employ Scott-Baker to provide help and support to Space Only Contractors with CDM queries -  They can provide templates to assist in the completion of these documents.

  • We ensure suitable welfare facilities are available including toilets, seating, access to drinking water and food outlets.

  • We provide Health and Safety Site Rules to all contractors and exhibitors prior to coming onsite and onsite at entrances to the hall.  There is no access to the hall during Build Up and Breakdown without having received the Site Rules and passes are issued only on this basis.

Exhibitor Responsibilities
Under CDM you are defined as The Client with regards to the build of your stand.  Below is a list or your responsibilities, we have highlighted those that can be delegated to the Principal Designer and / or the Principal Contractor:

  • Make arrangements for managing your project i.e., building your stand.  You do need to ensure that someone is named as responsible for ensuring all the required roles are fulfilled.  
  • Appoint a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.  These roles are often the same company or person and can be an external company or someone you appoint within your company.  
  • Ensure construction work is carried out safely and that welfare requirements are complied with. This would be delegated to your Principal Designer/Contractor. 
  • Ensure that a Construction Phase plan is drawn up and a Health & Safety file is prepared.  This would be delegated to your Principal Designer/Contractor who will do this as part of their obligations under this and other Health and Safety legislation. 

Principal Designer Responsibilities
The Principal Designer is the person or company in control of the ‘design’ of your stand and they must:

  • Ensure that planning, design, and pre-construction is carried out in compliance with the law. 
  • Ensure that risks are identified, eliminated, and controlled at the design stage. 
  • Ensure that pre-construction information is provided to contractors. 
  • Ensure a Construction Phase Plan is drawn up and a Health and Safety file is prepared. 

Principal Contractor Responsibilities
The Principal Contractor is the person or company in control of the ‘build’ of your stand.  If they employ a 3rd Party to deliver onsite this company would become the Contractor, whether one company or two they must: 

  • Plan, manage and monitor the construction phase (build-up & breakdown) and the way the construction work is carried out, ensuring it is safe to construct and remove within an event environment and that it has little or no impact on the neighbouring constructions or contractors. 
  • Ensure work is carried out without risks to Health & Safety. 
  • Draw up site rules for the stand area (these will often mirror the Event’s rules, but should not be limited to this), ensure suitable inductions and welfare facilities; provide information, instruction, and training. 
  • Restrict access to your site if required by the work being carried out at the time. 
  • Liaise onsite with Event Operations team. 

Exhibition Build Regulations

You must submit your Construction Phase Plans to Johanna Shirley by FRIDAY 8 MARCH.

A Construction Phase Plan should consist of:  

  1. Stand Plan (including full dimensions and elevations, showing the location of any demonstrations on the stand plan if applicable)
  2. Method Statement 
  3. Risk Assessment 
  4. Contractor Health and Safety Declaration
  5. Welfare Arrangement Form 

Your construction phase plan can be completed using this form;

Compulsory Space Only Information Form Submission


  • All space only stands are responsible for building all their walls and cannot make use of neighbouring stand walls whether they are space only or shell scheme stands.
  • All work must be carried out in conformity with the Rules and Regulations of the industry accepted e-Guide and the UK Building Regulations including all BS Standards. 
  • We recommend that exhibitors use a member of the Event Suppliers & Services Association (ESSA) to build their stands, which will provide the security of knowing their contactor is backed by the association's Code of Conduct, Quality Charter and Bond.  If you would like to put your stand design and build out to tender visit ESSA – Submit Your Contract for Tender.
  • The maximum height for Space Only Stands 4m
  • The minimum height for Space Only Stands is 2.5m
  • There is a plan approval charge for all Space Only Stand Builders of £150 per stand which will be paid as you book your stand.
  • All advertising and logos must be within specified height limits.
  • No advertising and logos will be allowed on the reverse side of dividing walls.
  • On divided sites you must decorate the back of your wall facing your neighbours stand, down to 2.4m.  These walls must be finished neatly in a neutral colour to the satisfaction of the Organisers. 
  • Do not allow any off-site construction to begin until written approval has been received.  If written approval has not been received building will not be allowed to commence onsite and last-minute approvals could involve the exhibitor in delays and / or additional costs.  
  • Stands must be designed in a way as to not discriminate against disabled visitors. 
  • All work must be carried out using non-flammable materials. 
  • The design of the stand must be such that it can be erected and dismantled within the published time schedule (see Exhibition Timetable)
  • The Organisers may, at the expense of the exhibitor, remove or alter anything forming part of any stand, if in their opinion it is desirable to do so in the interest of the exhibition. 
  • The stand floor area must be covered with a suitable floor covering.
  • Any presentation or demonstration likely to interest groups of 10 or more people must be located towards the centre of the stand and clearly shown on stand drawings.   
  • If any presentation or demonstration causes obstruction in the gangway and/or nuisance to any other exhibitor, we reserve the right to cancel the presentation or demonstration or restrict the frequency. 
  • Vehicles are not permitted without prior written approval from the Organisers. 
  • Fixings can be made direct to the Latexfalt surface of the Hall floor to secure margin board, cable clips and similar items of stand.  These fittings are to be carefully removed after use to prevent damage to the floor surface.  Any fixes left on the floor or damage to the floor caused by these fixings will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for all actions of any contractor they employ to work for them. Any damage caused will be charged back to the employing exhibitor.  
  • All stand structures: signs, etc. must be confined within the area allotted and must not project into or over the gangways.   
  • All painting onsite must be carried out using water-based paints. 
  • Organisers are allowing open sides to be built solidly when it is justified. Approval FOR is required from Organisers before submitting stand plans OR designs incorporating long runs of solid walling will not be approved.  At least 50% of each frontage must remain open or fitted with an approved transparent material.  
  • Solid walling over 5m in length should be set back at least 0.5m from the stand perimeter.
  • All stands must clearly show the stand number and exhibiting company name. 
  • Doors from offices, stores or meeting rooms must NOT open outwards on to a gangway. Vision panel windows must be fitted to all doors built into the interior of a stand. 
  • There is NO rigging permitted at MAFS 2024 with the exception of dust extraction.
  • Exhibitors and their contractors should familiarise themselves with the Working at Height Regulations 2005, and amendment published in 2007. 
  • Exhibitors who have two stands either side of a gangway who wish to connect them in some way must contact the Organisers for permission and specification regulations before implementing any design work. 


Human Built
T: 07760 172 543

Please click here for the Webshop 

Human Built are responsible for and will carry out all electrical work on stands within the exhibition halls.

Please place your orders using the Human Built Online Ordering System which includes a price list for specific items. Orders must be made by 24th April.  Other prices can be provided if required.  The price for fittings covers the hire, power requirements, maintenance during the open period and removal at the close of the exhibition.

If you have any questions about the exact electrical requirements for your stand, please contact the electrical contractor using the details above who will be happy to advise you. 

If machinery or working equipment is to be operated, please inform the electrical contractor, including the electrical requirements and ratings; this applies particularly where high fluctuating currents are involved. Electrical supplies (three- and single-phase) will be assessed on the information provided.  The contractor will then be responsible for ordering the required mains from the venue.  The installation of these supplies will be subject to a connection charge.

The standard supplies of electrical current available are: 
Single-phase alternating at 240 volts, 50Hz 
Three-phase alternating at 415 volts, 50Hz 

Basic guidelines For Socket Sizes and Usage 

Listed below are examples of "typical" loadings for items plugged in to socket outlets:

500 watt sockets: computers, TV’s, video’s, spotlights to 500W, refrigerators
1000 watt sockets: domestic filter coffee machines, lighting up to 1000W
2000 watt sockets: kettles**, machinery up to 2000W
3000 watt sockets: hired coffee machines, machinery 2000W to 3000W

Note ** - these appliances are of varying power requirements dependent upon type or manufacturer. It is therefore essential that the reference tag or plate that is fitted to each appliance under law be read, the loading in watts or kW (kilo Watts = Watts x 1000) will be stated, and the appropriate size socket ordered.

Full guidance on Electrical Installation & Testing can be found on page 37of the eGuide.

Deadline Date  

Orders must be received by April 24th so that the necessary mains can be ordered from the venue in sufficient time for them to be laid in the hall before general construction commences. Orders received after the deadline will incur a 20% surcharge.  
NB: Exhibitors who contract into the show after April 21st will be exempt from the surcharge if orders are made prior to arriving onsite.

Enquiry Desk 

During the build-up period, an enquiry desk to assist you with any electrical problems will be located in the halls. The desk will be manned from 0800-1800 hours daily.

Supply Timetable 

Electricity will be energised to stands as quickly as possible during the build-up period, subject to satisfactory inspection and testing of installations.  Occasionally delays may occur because adjoining stands are not complete and ready for inspection.

Any exhibitor needing electricity for the running down of machinery or working equipment etc, after the exhibition closes on the final day are required to inform the Organising Office of their requirements no later than 1700 Tuesday 21 May for this to be organised in time.

Please remember to order and specify a 24-hour electricity supply if this is required for refrigerators and/or computer equipment.

Temporary Power 

If you require a temporary power supply during the build-up period, you should order this direct with Human Built.

Electrical Testing 

Every circuit installed on an exhibition stand must be tested before it’s finally energised. Costs for this are shown separately on the electrical order form.

For further information on how this impacts your stand, please contact Human Built.



On Wednesday 15 May access to the exhibition halls is restricted for flooring installation and machinery lifting only. All access on this day will be scheduled by ILS.

For all other days, the NEC use the Voyage Control pre-show vehicle booking system for deliveries to the show floor to ensure clarity in terms of access and to reduce waiting times.

For a seamless process, it is essential that all vehicles needing access the venue’s loading bays are pre-booked on this system.

To book your vehicle please go to the NEC’s Event Delivery System

Any exhibitor or contractor vehicles that are not booked in the system will be denied access to the loading bays by the on-site traffic team.

Click here for full details on access and delivery details.


Compressed Air

Exhibitors requiring a compressed air supply on their stand should note that the NEC supply is industrial quality only.

Exhibitors who are using piped services are advised to build a platform on their stand to cover unsightly pipes and connections and to avoid any hazard risks.

To locate the position of your nearest duct, please request a ‘Ducting Plan’ from the Organisers. Contact the operations team via email on

Display / Modular Stands  

If you do not plan to construct a stand but utilise a “pop up” structure as a backdrop, all stand regulations still apply to your stand.  You are still required to submit a Construction Phase Plan including Stand Plan, Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Welfare Arrangements. 


No carpet is provided for space only sites. Appropriate floor covering e.g. carpet or non-slip, easily cleanable floor covering in demo or food preparation areas is required.

Whoever is responsible for laying the carpet down to the hall floor must ensure that an acceptable carpet tape is used and that all carpet and carpet tape is removed from the hall along with all other stand fitting material at the end of the exhibition. Failure to do so will result in a dilapidation charge of £25.00 per linear metre.

Please note that the following are the only tapes permitted to be used in the halls. The NEC are aware that other tapes state that they are ‘NEC Approved’ however this is not the case. ‘NEC Approved’ carpet tape are:

Our lifting contractor ILS have recommended that where possible floorcovering is cut in around large pieces of machinery / equipment this will help prevent any damage or dirt if a forklift is needed to lift the item into position after the floorcovering has been laid.

If a large amount of services (water & waste, gas, electrics, etc.) are required, the Organisers recommend the use of a platform. Please contact Expo Floors for a quote. 


Exhibitors requiring a gas supply on their stand should complete and return the Gas/ Water & Waste/ Compressed Air Order Form by TBC. Exhibitors who are using piped services are advised to build a platform on their stand to cover unsightly pipes and connections and to avoid any hazard risks. Please note that the use of LPG is NOT permitted at The NEC.

To locate the position of your nearest duct, please request a ‘Ducting Plan’ from the Organisers, contact

Height Restriction   

The minimum height for walls on space only stands is 2.5m
The maximum height for walls on single storey space only stands is 4m 


Late Working  

Work outside the Exhibition Timetable will not be allowed. Only in emergency situations, e.g. unavoidable delays due to circumstances outside the contractor’s control, will late work be permitted subject to the availability of required resources. Contractors must inform the Organiser ASAP but no later than 1400hrs that day to arrange and pay for late working. An hourly charge per stand of £250 + VAT per hour until midnight will need to be made on-site at the organisers office to cover staffing and administration costs. 

Please note depending on timing we cannot guarantee that sufficient amount of required support from the venue, Health & Safety Officer etc. can be provided.  We therefore require all exhibitors and contractors to ensure that space only stands are designed to be completed in the time available.

Please contact for further information.

LEV/Dust Control

The HSE have been concentrating on this area with proactive inspections in the sector.  LEV/Dust Control at the exhibition will therefore be inspected and monitored more rigorously at this year’s event.

Materials for Stand Fitting & Decoration  

There are strict regulations governing the materials used in the construction and decoration of stands and in the demonstration of products.    

All stands will be inspected during the build-up by the Health and Safety Officer and the Venue Fire Safety Officer. Any fittings or materials not meeting the fire regulations will need to be removed, or the stand will be closed down. You should draw attention to these requirements to any contractors working on your behalf.  

  • Decorative materials used for stand dressing must be flame proofed or purchased already treated with an appropriate chemical.  
  • Artificial flowers and plants are highly flammable and give off toxic fumes and must not be used for stand dressing.  
  • Gangways must be kept clear and free from exhibits, stand dressing, furniture etc at all times during the open period of the exhibition.  Offending items are liable to be removed without warning. 
  • No empty packing cases may be stored on, around or behind your stand, as this constitutes a fire hazard.  

For more information, please check the ‘Construction Materials’ section of the e-Guide on pages 114-116. 

Permission to Build 

A Construction Phase Plan as required for all Space Only stands and must be submitted online via the Compulsory Space Only Information Form or sent to Johanna Shirley ASAP, but definitely before the deadline date, Friday 8 March Please ensure your stand contractor (if you appoint one) complies with this deadline date, failure to do so could result in delays and / or additional costs. The design of the stands must be such that it can be safely erected and dismantled in the limited time available. 

  • Your stand submission must consist of .  
    • Stand Plan – these must include:
      • A ground plan and elevation drawing 
      • All dimensions, which should be to a recognised scale (e.g. 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:100)
    • Method Statement including materials to be used
    • Risk Assessment including a Fire Risk Assessment that covers precautionary measures to be undertaken during build-up if working within a hazardous environment such as welding, toxic or flammable substances, etc. 
    • Contractor Health and Safety Declaration 
    • Welfare Arrangement Form 
    • Stand sustainability details

No construction will be permitted in the hall until permission to build has been issued.

Complex Structures
Complex Structures are not permitted at MAFS 2024. This includes stands that are;

  • Over 4 meters in height
  • Multi story stands including raised platforms over 600mm high
  • A stand requiring foundations
  • Stands with complex suspended elements.


For advice and a quotation please contact Expo Floors Ltd on: 

T: +44 (0)1922 721177 


Ramps and Handrails  

Please check the e- Guide pages 125-127 for Regulations relating to the use of ramps and handrails. 




There is NO rigging permitted at MAFS 2024 with the exception of dust extraction.

To order drop wires and rigging points  for dust extraction please contact the NEC rigging department.

Stand Contractors   

Please complete the Contractor Nomination Form as soon as possible but by no later than Friday 9th February.  We will then liaise with them regarding any information required.  

Should you need assistance on which stand builder to approach to build your stand, please click here for our Recommended Stand Builder list. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON HIABS: - Exhibitor lorries with HIABS on the trailer or exhibitors needing to use specialized lifting equipment will only be allowed in the hall if the Organisers and ILS have been notified before Friday 19 April. Operators will be asked to show certificates and suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments and Method Statements both pre event and onsite.

Water & Waste   

Exhibitors requiring a water and/or waste supply on their stand should complete and return the Gas/ Water & Waste/ Compressed Air Order Form by TBC, orders received after this date may incur a 20% surcharge.  


If necessary, it is advisable to build a platform to cover unsightly pipes and connections, and to avoid potential trip hazards. To obtain a ‘Ducting Plan’ showing the location of the ducts on your stand, please contact Johanna Shirley.


Display and Demonstration Of Machinery

PLEASE NOTE: It is compulsory for all exhibitors planning to demonstrate their machinery to complete the Demonstration Notification Form  in advance of the event so that the Organiser can review and give permission of this. Exhibitors who do not give advance notice will not be permitted to demonstrate their machinery onsite.

PLEASE NOTE: The delivery of all large machinery must be scheduled in during build up. The first day of build-up (Wednesday 15 May) will be designated for the delivery of machinery and the installation of floorcovering only. The schedule for deliveries will be managed by our Official Lifting Contractor, ILS, and the NEC Traffic Department. Please contact ILS as soon as possible if you require the use of a forklift or crane at the exhibition.

International Lifting & Shipping Contact (ILS): 

John Lawson
Tel: +44 (0)247 633 7955

Exhibitor lorries with HIABS on the trailer or exhibitors needing to use specialized lifting equipment will only be allowed in the hall if the Organisers and ILS have been notified before Friday 19 April. Operators will be asked to show certificates and suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments and Method Statements both pre event and onsite.

  • All new machines promoted at the exhibition shall be assumed to be offered for sale within the EU. As such, all machines need to display a CE mark. Failure to display a CE mark requires the exhibitor to place a clear notice on the machine that it may not be sold within the EU and the organisers reserve the right to request the removal of the machine.
  • Every machine is to be guarded in compliance with the requirements of the European Machinery
    Directive (89/392 as amended by 91/368/EEC) implemented in the UK by the Supply of Machinery
    (Safety) Regulations 1992. All such guards shall be considered normal for the operation of the machine in an industrial setting. Where guards are removed or made of special material for display purposes this should be indicated on the machine.
  • Stand plans are to show the location, size, in-feed and out-feed arrangements of all machines that are to be operational at any time during the exhibition. Stand Plans along with the Construction Phase plan consisting of Risk Assessments, Method Statement and Welfare Form are toare to be submitted online via the Compulsory Space Only Information Form or to be sent to Johanna - no later than FRIDAY 10 MARCH.
  • All machines intended for demonstration need to be connected to a suitable operational waste extraction system, full details of which need to be submitted to the organisers. Failure to comply with this may result in the prohibition of such demonstrations.
  • Exhibitors have a duty to ensure that machines and equipment are used only for the purpose for which they were designed.
  • Where machines are not sufficiently stable as freestanding model’s exhibits are to be secured to the floor or other structure.  For information on fixing to the hall floor please contact
  • No machines shall be operated unless the required guards and safety devices are in position, properly and correctly adjusted and in full working order. A protective safety cover should be placed over the teeth of band saw blades in automatic band saw sharpening machines. When demonstrating such machines Exhibitors need to ensure that visitors are prevented from coming into contact with exposed band saw teeth.
  • Machines with exposed moving parts or cutters are to be protected by a suitable barrier around the parts or demonstration area.
  • Safety barriers shall be not less than 1.5m from the nearest danger point and of a height to prevent
    people reaching in. The Organiser may, at their absolute discretion, insist that a safety barrier is
    erected around any demonstration area or exhibit at the cost of the exhibitor.
  • Where machinery is being demonstrated adjacent to an aisle the Organiser may require that a fixed
    barrier one metre high shall be erected along the front of the exhibition stand at the cost of the
  • Suitable emergencies stop controls are required to be available at each machine and clearly marked,
    visible and easily accessible.
  • No safety device of any type should be by-passed or otherwise be prevented from carrying out its
    intended function.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that machine operators and those involved in any
    demonstrations are suitably trained and qualified. They should also be provided with adequate protective equipment and work wear.
  • Visitors to the exhibition are not permitted to operate machinery or take part in demonstrations.
  • All sources of power to and from the machines including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic should be provided with a local isolator which should be switched off when the machine is not being demonstrated.
  • A clear, approved Perspex or polycarbonate screen of a suitable height to act as a barrier should be
    positioned between the demonstrator and the visitor when carrying out demonstrations with any nailing or stapling tool. Users of such tools should also wear suitable protective equipment.
  • Where electrical power is to be connected to machines or other equipment the Exhibitor must submit to the Organisers (via Johanna - and the Electrical Contractor (Human Built) a plan of their stands indicating the location and power requirement in each case. Exhibitors have a duty to ensure that machines, apparatus, and equipment incorporating pre-wired units comply with the venue regulations before they are installed on the stand.
  • Portable electrical equipment shall be used with the minimum of trailing leads and NOT be left unattended. No electrical cables are allowed to cross gangways, passageways or emergency exits.
  • Machinery is required to include adequate dust and waste extraction systems to meet safety and environmental regulations.
  • Dust extraction systems need to incorporate ATEX compliant dust explosion relief panels directed vertically towards the roof space. Where the design of the extraction system is such that the explosion relief panels cannot be sited so as to discharge vertically the explosion relief panels are to be sited at least four metres above the floor level. Further HSE guidance on the fire and explosion hazards of wood dust can be downloaded free of charge from
  • To minimise the deposition of dust a minimum conveying velocity of 20m/s should be ensured. Fans are to be kept running for a brief period after machines have been switched off in order to clear the ductwork.
  • Flexible ducting of all types are required to be earthed.
  • Dust hoppers and bags need to be emptied each evening and waste removed from the hall without delay.  The organisers have arranged for a production waste skip only in the loading bay for all exhibitors to use. This skip will be monitored to ensure only production waste is put into the skip.  At the end of the show all waste needs to be removed from the hall please see Cleaning under the General Information Section if you require details for hiring bins or skips.
  • Timber used for demonstration purposes are to be checked for metal foreign objects to eliminate the risk of sparks.
  • Where ducting crosses gangways it has to be no less than 3.5 metres above the hall floor. It may not
    carry signage or promotional material of any kind. All dust and waste extraction systems over 4m in height are required to be set back 0.5m from the open perimeter of the site.
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems and airflow: Whilst there is not a specific legal requirement to fit air-flow indicators you are required by law to ensure that your LEV system is suitably maintained. A simple means of checking that the flowrate is maintained is the use of air–flow indicators at the hood. An air-flow indicator is currently the only method that will show the operator immediately when a problem occurs. (HSE’s LEV Guidance HSG 258(1) recommends that these are fitted). As an LEV Exhibitor you need to ensure that visitors are advised of all of the options available with your product.
  • Single Bag Extraction Units/Unenclosed Sock Collectors – PLEASE NOTE: As detailed within the HSE Information Sheet No.32 “These would quickly disintegrate if the contents were ignited but would not produce high explosion pressures or widespread effects. Fire risks may exist, so if unenclosed, ensure the following is applied;
  • Under no circumstances may Machine Tables, including moveable / sliding tables when demonstrating machines are allowed to project over the stand space taken by the Exhibitor. In such cases, tables are to be locked in position to prevent this taking place during demonstrations.
  • The use of Air Lines for the blowing down of exhibitor’s machinery during the event open period (including airlines that are fitted to machinery) is strictly prohibited by the HSE.
  • Exhibitors and their Contractors should ensure that they are aware of the location of the first aid facilities whilst working onsite.
  • CNC Routers/Machining Centre – exhibitors are required to ensure that machines are guarded to prevent access to all dangerous areas of the machine. To protect exhibitors and visitors, extra guarding maybe required to prevent accidental contact with cutting areas, tool changers, which could include perimeter fencing/ barriers. CNC Machines are currently a concern with the HSE so please contact the organisers should you be wishing to use one.
  • Noise – exhibitors have a responsibility to ensure noise levels are kept as low as possible during all periods of the exhibition. Exhibitors are asked to consider all aspects of their machinery/equipment to ensure there is not unreasonable noise produced, taking into account staff, neighbouring exhibitor and visitors. For additional information, please see HSE WIS 13.

The HSE will be visiting the exhibition. Please see on the following page HSE GUIDANCE ON THE EXHIBITION OF MACHINERY.  For further information contact


What should you know and do…

Most product supply legislation (e.g. Regulation 3(2)(b) of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008) permits in restricted circumstances the exhibiting of non-compliant products. This is provided adequate measures have been taken to ensure that it does not harm any person at the event including those demonstrating the product. Also required is a suitable notice displayed with the product saying that the product will be brought into compliance prior to any supply. The notice must comply with the requirements of the relevant UK regulations.

Machinery which is not being operated will not usually present many hazards at exhibitions, although suitable safety measures should still be taken (e.g. to ensure stability, prevent falls from any access, contact with sharp edges, etc.). Where the product is being demonstrated the requirements of PUWER, LOLER and other use legislation (e.g. Electricity at Work Regulations, COSHH, etc.) must be met, for example: by guarding dangerous parts, checking any lifting equipment is safely installed, making safe and secure electrical connections, preventing harm from hazardous fumes, etc.

The necessary measures for safety and health during trade fairs, exhibitions and demonstrations should be determined by undertaking a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. This must take into account the exhibition / demonstration environment, including any health and safety rules which the host organisation may impose, and the people (including in some cases children) that will be present, who may be unfamiliar with the hazards presented by the equipment on display.

Action from Exhibitors

In relation to LEV systems, you are to ensure compliance by physical means and risk assessment.  You have a duty of care to ensure all persons are protected in the event of explosion / fire.

Further HSE guidance on the fire and explosion hazards of wood dust is contained in the HSE Wood Information Sheet (WIS 32) which can be downloaded free of charge from this HSE link -

HSE are always present at the exhibition and are always looking for compliance.  LEV/Dust control will have a bigger agenda this year as HSE have been concentrating on this area with pro-active inspections in the sector and it is likely this will continue. Since the 17th of January 2020, the Working Exposure Level for wood dust (Hardwood and Mixed Dust) has been reduced from 5mg to 3mg per m3. Therefore, exhibitors are required to ensure this new level is met.

A-Z General Information and Regulations

Alcohol Consumption - Serving & Sampling

The consumption of alcohol within the halls during build-up and breakdown is not permitted. Alcoholic drinks will not be available from the catering outlets within the halls during these times.

If you intend to serve Alcohol as Hospitality, please see the information under Catering – Stand Hospitality found below.

Badges & Passes

No one will be allowed access to the halls without registering, whether exhibitor, contractor, or visitor.  This applies at each point of entry to the venue. During Build Up and Breakdown CDM Regulations include that everyone who needs to access the hall must have read and understood the Site Rules will be sent closer to the event and confirmation that they have been read and understood is required before entry is permitted.

  • Exhibitor Badges

You can register for Exhibitor Badges using the link on the homepage of your Exhibitor Hub. If you have any queries regarding Exhibitor Badges, please email

Once registered you will receive an email containing your badge.  These must be printed out in advance and brought to the event.  The registration system will be as contactless as possible so there will be limited facilities on-site to address any issues.

The badge will carry your name and company. Exhibitor badges give exhibitors free access during build-up, open and breakdown periods.

Remember to order badges for any temporary staff you are employing to work on your stand.

  • Build-up & Breakdown e-badges (Contractor Passes)

Build-up & breakdown e-badges are valid only for the build-up and breakdown periods. All contractor staff will need to register to have a build-up & breakdown e-badge. Access to the hall will require this e-badge or exhibitor badge. Click here to register for your e-badges. Please ensure all those coming onsite have access to this link. 

Vehicle Passes

Vehicle passes are NOT provided by the Organisers for this event.  HOWEVER – it is essential that an unloading slot is booked using Voyage Control – the NEC online traffic booking system.  Please see Delivery of Goods found below for further information.

Banking Facilities

There are portable cash dispensers (withdrawal fees apply) around the venue, while free NatWest and HSBC ATMs can be found at the train station.

Business Services 

There is a Welcome desk in the Atrium that is open during show hours to assist with general enquiries.
The NEC now have a 24hr self-service machines on the Atrium (between Halls 8 & 9). This machine offers 24-hour printing and copying, you can send documents directly to these printers or download an app and print directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Car Parking

Build-up & Breakdown
Car parking during the build-up and breakdown periods is free of charge. Any car park may be used but the North Car Park are nearest the Halls.

Open Period
The Organisers have been issued with a limited number of complimentary car parking passes which are valid for the Open Period. These passes will be allocated according to the total square meterage contracted by each exhibitor for the event, and on a first come first served basis as follows:

Total Square Metres

Number of Passes

0 – 15 Square Metres

ONE Complimentary Pass

15.1 – 30 Square Metres

TWO Complimentary Passes

30.1 – 60 Square Metres

THREE Complimentary Passes

60.1 – 100 Square Meters

FOUR Complimentary Passes

100.1 -200 Square Metres

SIX Complimentary Passes

200.1 – 300 Square Metres

EIGHT Complimentary Passes

300+ Square Metres

TEN Complimentary Passes


Car Park Tickets WILL NOT be allocated automatically. If you wish to claim your allocation, please complete the Exhibitor Car Parking Order Form by the 19th of April.

Tickets will not be posted and you can collect them from the organisers office on the first day of the show. Any tickets not collected by this time will be reallocated. PLEASE NOTE, TICKETS ARE ONLY REQUIRED DURING THE OPEN PERIOD. PARKING DURING BUILD-UP & BREAKDOWN IS FREE.

The only exception to the above process is if you require a disabled car parking pass, please contact the ops team today for her to post this out to you before the show. Without a car parking pass on entry, you will be charged.

Failure to display a Car Park Ticket when exiting the car park will incur parking charges.

Parking charges are £12.95 per vehicle/per day if booked in advance online or the cost on the day is £17.95 per vehicle/per day.

A deposit system will be in place on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May.

Lost or forgotten tickets cannot be replaced.

If you are interested in parking right outside the hall then click here for more information on the Exhibitor Advantage parking offer. Please note this offer is only available to Exhibitors in cars and people carriers up to 9 seats. It is also not possible to book just on the last day of the show.

Click here for the full NEC Site Map.

Click here for more information about parking and travel.

Catering Outlets

The following catering facilities will be open during Build Up and Breakdown. Outside these hours there are various shops and cafes in walking distance of the hall.

The following catering facilities will be open during the Build Up & Breakdown of event:

  • TBC

The following catering facilities will be open during the Open Days of event:

  • TBC

Click here for the Atrium Map to see the location of these catering outlets.

Catering - Stand Hospitality & Stand Orders

Amadeus are the multi award winning catering partners at the NEC. Their services are required to be used to supply all food and beverage (including alcohol) required on exhibition stands.

Amadeus provide exhibitor catering via the following means:

Served To You - full hospitality service
Enquiries can be made via your dedicated Catering Account Manager who will work with you to create an offer exclusive to your needs.
Charlee Churchill

Tel: +44 (0) 121 767 3932

Click here for further details and options.

Food To You – a convenient drop off service for delivery only

Exhibitors wishing to use the Food To You drop off service should place their order by completing the relevant order form or by email to: Should you wish to speak to someone in person, please call 0844 338 8338 (UK based exhibitors) or +44 (0) 121 767 2770 (overseas exhibitors).

Exhibitors are not permitted to provide their own hospitality catering on stand and alcohol, unless purchased from Amadeus, must not be served unless a personal licence holder is present.  If you wish to supply your own alcohol, please complete, and return the Intent to Supply Alcohol Form including all details. On receipt of this form, NEC’s Designated Premises Supervisor and Amadeus representatives will consider your application.

Click here for further details and options.

Exhibitors are NOT permitted to sell food or drink from their stands.

Charity Donations

If it is your intention to allow a charity to collect donations within your stand area at the exhibition, you need to inform the Organisers, in writing at least 14 days prior to the event, of the full charity name, address and charity registration number.


No one under the age of 16 is allowed into the exhibition hall during build-up or breakdown.  There are no exceptions to this rule.


All gangways and common areas within the exhibition hall will be cleaned overnight. The cleaning contractor for the NEC is OCS.

You and your contractor are responsible for removing and disposing of excessive waste from the exhibition hall. Waste materials (e.g., scrap wood, carpet, construction materials, flooring, furniture, and pallets) MUST NOT be abandoned onsite.

All waste, except small quantities of litter, produced by your stand must be removed from the venue at the end of the end of the event. Any costs incurred for the disposal of any large items, such as boxes of literature, carpet and stand fitting materials will be passed to you or your contractor.

Stand Cleaning
Stands will be swept, hoovered & mopped overnight.

Please contact OCS direct if you have any special cleaning requirements, such as window/glass cleaning or scrubbing of vinyl floors. If the activities on your stand mean that you will produce a large amount of waste that needs to be removed regularly throughout the day, please contact the cleaning contractor direct to obtain a quotation for these services. 

Tel:      +44 (0)844 338 8338

If you have a locked area on the stand - office or kitchen – that requires overnight cleaning or are using a night sheet, please leave a DUPLICATE key in the Organisers Office that will be retained for the duration of the show.

Code of Practice

During the open period please ensure your stand is manned throughout the day and all exhibits remain on display during the published open hours. In order that no discourtesy is shown to last minute visitors, we ask that no dismantling of any displays or exhibits commences before 16.00hrs on Wednesday 22nd may

Customs Clearance

For clearance of goods/exhibits through customs, please contact our freight forwarding agent, ILS who will be able to help you, contact details below. They can provide a complete package for the transportation of goods, which includes clearance, temporary import bonds, processing of ATA Carnets and re-exportation documentation. They can also give free advice on all aspects of import procedures and will provide you with a quotation on request.

John Lawson, ILS
Tel: +44 (0)247 633 7955

Alternatively, contact the HM Revenue & Customs direct:

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)            
T: +44 (0)845 010 9000                

Delivery of Goods

Please ensure that a representative of your company is onsite to receive and sign for deliveries. The Organisers are unable to sign for goods on your behalf. This is particularly relevant if you should decide to use a courier to deliver goods, who will often not leave them unless they have a signature.

If any deliveries arrive before the first day of tenancy Wednesday 15 May at 0800hrs, they will be turned away and may not be re-delivered in time for the show open.  

If you are making deliveries during the open days of the exhibition, these can only be made before the exhibition opens at 10am. Hand carry-able items can be delivered any time.  

Please note the Organisers and the NEC cannot take responsibility for any deliveries.

Delivery of Goods – Scheduled Machinery

In conjunction with ILS (International Lifting and Shipping) our lifting contractor and the NEC Traffic Department we are scheduling the delivery for large machinery that require a crane for forklift to put it into position.  Please complete the Lifting and Freight Forwarding + Storage form on the Operations Zone, or contact ILS as soon as possible if you require this service:

John Lawson
Tel: +44 (0)247 633 7955

IMPORTANT NOTICE ON HIABS: - If you require the use of a HIAB at all you should get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible.

Delivery of Goods – Vehicle Access

All vehicles delivering goods to the NEC, whether contractors or exhibitors must book a slot using the online traffic booking system throughout build up and the open period.  The exception is on the first day of tenancy (Wednesday 15 May) which is assigned to only scheduled delivery of machinery and floorcovering. If you wish to commence stand build on Wednesday 15th May from 1400hrs, access to the hall will be scheduled in line with the delivery of machinery.  Please contact ILS on

Visit, after 1200hrs Tuesday 4 April to book your slot(s) should you wish to unload/ load between Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th May. For FAQs click here.

Useful Facts:

  • Input your stand and vehicle details and chose your time slot
  • If you don’t know your vehicle or driver details, you can add these in at a later date
  • Print your vehicle pass and display it in the vehicle

Unloading times:

Cars                                     30 mins

Small vans                           1 hour

Large lorries                       2 hour
All vehicles will need to be moved after their allocated time.

This system DOES NOT entitle you to park. Please see Car Parking heading above.

Please also note that should you wish to book a vehicle in on Friday 17th or Saturday 18th May every vehicle will be required to use the Deposit System.

Deposit System Procedures and Payment

All vehicles delivering goods to the MAFS on Friday 17th or Saturday 18th May will be required to use the Deposit System to help maximize the available unloading spaces for all exhibitors and contractors. The system is designed to encourage people to unload and then move their vehicles to free car parks, so that space adjacent to the halls is available for others to unload. This keeps the need to hold vehicles on the lorry parks to a minimum.

Please book in through Voyage Control -

On Deposit Systems day (Friday 17th or Saturday 18th May), vehicles wishing to unload are required to book an unloading ticket which permits a vehicle access to the rear of the halls to unload within a time allocated dependent on the size of the vehicle as follows:

Size of Vehicle




Car / Small Van

Up to 1 hour



Transit Van / Lorry

Up to 2 hours



Articulated Vehicles

Up to 3 hours



Vehicles need to unload and leave the inner area within the allocated time, failure to do so will result in the processing of the deposit of £80.

The online pre-booking page called Voyage Control can be found at by registering here you are able to pre-book your unloading ticket and print your own pass. The pass will then be “checked in” on arrival at the Lorry Park, and if space is available, the vehicle will be released to access the halls. This pre-booking service means drivers do not need to leave their vehicles and queue up at the kiosk to pay their deposits. They simply arrive, enter a fast-track lane, have their pass scanned to “check in” and head to their hall. Once unloading is complete, there is no need to return to the lorry park. The vehicle will be automatically “checked out” of the inner area using the NEC’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. Vehicles can simply drive off site or drive to one of the outer car parks which has been allocated for contractor and exhibitor free parking. Should a driver find that they are unable to make their delivery within the specified time through no fault of their own, for example they get blocked in or there is an issue with the stand, they should inform NEC security staff within the hall, who in turn will contact the Traffic Supervisor.

Hire Transport

Exhibitors should ensure that all hire transport drivers are advised of these procedures, prior to their arrival at the NEC.

Information for Driver

All vehicles are required to report to the designated lorry park identified on the site plan on the pass. To reach the designated lorry park all delivery traffic should follow the relevant show name displayed on the electronic roadway signage.

Delivery of Goods – Freight Forwarding

Exhibitors, especially (but not limited to) those with goods coming from overseas, are strongly advised to use the services of our official freight forwarding company, see contact details below. 

ILS offer a door-to-door service, collecting your exhibits/ stand material from your premises anywhere in the world for direct delivery to your stand. They are also the only contractor who can provide forklift services in the hall.

ILS can arrange, under cover of a special customs bond, for exhibits to enter the country without deposit of duty.  

John Lawson 
ILS (International Lifting & Shipping) 
T: +44 (0)247 633 7955  

During Build Up and Breakdown an ILS Enquiry Desk will be located in the hall and will be manned from 0800-1800hrs.

All exhibits and materials must be delivered carriage paid to the exhibitor at the stand.  The goods should be clearly marked with your company name, stand number and a contact/ mobile number in case of any issues:

Attn: (company name and stand number)
MAFS 2024
Halls 6 & 20
National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham B40 1NT

Dilapidations / Damage to Hall

Please remember that you are responsible for making good any damage caused to the fabric of the exhibition buildings – by you, your agents, or contractors. It is in your own interest to satisfy yourself as to the condition of your stand site before the building of your stand and after its clearance.

Disabled Access

The NEC is well served for disabled visitors and exhibitors. Click here for further details.

As an exhibitor, if you require a disabled car parking pass, please contact the operations team today for it to be posted out before the show. Without a car parking pass on entry, you will be charged.

Wheelchairs are available on loan, on receipt of a refundable security deposit. They should be booked in advance by emailing Wheelchairs are available free of charge for blue badge holders and £5 for others. The number of wheelchairs the NEC has available is limited. Your wheelchair can then be made ready for you on arrival at the venue.

Each stand holder is responsible for making sure that all their services and products can be equally demonstrated to a disabled person as to an able-bodied person.


The Equality Act 2010 meaning of ‘disability’ is ‘a person that ‘has a physical or mental impairment which has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.’

Discrimination is when a person with a disability is treated less favourably than others would be treated and that this treatment in question relates directly to their disability, and it cannot be justified. Please note that it is unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in refusing to provide, or deliberately not providing, to the disabled person any service which is offered or provided to other non-disabled persons.  This also relates to the standard of service which is provided to the disabled person or the manner in which it is given.

Stands must be designed in a way as to not discriminate against disabled visitors; this would include, among other things, access to displays, literature, hospitality areas and meeting rooms.

For further information and guidance on what constitutes a disability, please visit  and search for the Equality Act 2010.


If you arrange for any filming on your stand, you must inform the Organisers as there are regulations which will need to be followed.Please click here for more information.

First Aid

A First Aid Room is located at Atrium 2 entrance opposite Hall 8. This will be open at all times during the build-up, open period and breakdown. Security guards onsite are also first aid trained and/or can radio through from assistance.

Floor Loading

The floor has a loading of 20 tonnes per square meter.


Emergency gangways will be in operation during the build-up and breakdown of the exhibition. These must remain completely clear at all times. A detailed plan of which gangways are affected will be shown on the Site Locations Plan, issued prior to the show.

During the Open Period under no circumstances should any part of your stand, furniture, or exhibits etc. project beyond the boundary of your stand. Exhibitors should only work within the confines of their stand. Doors or windows must open outwards onto a gangway.

The exhibitor should not engage in any activity or employ any person or device that tends to create unreasonable congestion in the gangways in the opinion of the Organisers.


Neither NEC staff nor contractors’ personnel are permitted to accept gratuities for services rendered or service to be rendered. Please notify the Organisers if any personnel solicit gratuities.

Hotel/ Travel

Hotel Map have been appointed as our accommodation agency to help you book your accommodation. They offer a free service and have extensive knowledge in helping both exhibitors and visitors find the perfect accommodation. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book earlier asap, to check availability and rates please click here for the Hotel Map website.  


Stand contracts with Montgomery Group require all exhibitors to have a minimum level of insurance cover of £5 million (or equivalent) in order to participate at the show.

Exhibitors who do not currently have the required cover may wish to buy insurance from Hiscox Event Assured. Exhibitors without cover are under no obligation to purchase the required cover in this way and we are not recommending you use Hiscox.

For further information on ensuring your stand or to buy an exhibitor insurance package policy please call + 44 (0)1206 773 940.

The above link is for UK based exhibitors only, this follows Brexit. If you are in the EU, please contact who will be able to provide a quotation via their Luxembourg Insurer.

Please note that, as the main contracted stand-holder, you are responsible for any loss, damages, claims, etc. arising out of your stand and the activities of any stand-sharers at the Exhibition.

If there are other Companies sharing your stand, it is in your interest to ensure that they too hold adequate insurance cover.

Lead Scanners

Please order lead scanners with Live Buzz via the Marketing Zone. Should you have any queries please contact them:

Tel:        +44 (0)843 178 1931

Licences (PPL & PRS)

If you intend to play pre-recorded background music or have live music on your stand during the course of the exhibition, you are required, by law, to obtain music licenses. Please visit

Lost Property

Any lost property found should be handed to the exhibition security where it will be taken to the security office (nearest security office adjacent to Hall 6. For items lost on the day, during the show, visitors can go in person to the nearest security office.

Once the show is over, all lost property is moved to the Piazza Office, which is at the top of the stairs near Hall 1 on the Piazza. Anyone who has queries about lost property should visit the office or can call +44 (0)121 767 3883.


Exhibitors showing films, demonstrating loud equipment, creating excessive noise, or using audio visual aids that disturb adjacent exhibitors will be asked to reduce the sound to an acceptable level (a maximum of 60dB at the edge of your stand) or limit the amount of time noise is made for. If this is not to the satisfaction of the Organisers, they will be asked to cease such activities in the interest of the overall exhibition. If you have any concerns over your demonstration, please contact the Operations Team in advance.

Organisers Office

The Organiser’s office will be located by the entrance to Hall 20 (both inside and outside the hall) and will be open from 0800hrs – 1800 hours every day during the build-up, and breakdown and 0900hrs – 1800hrs on open days.

Our contact numbers once onsite is: TBC

*Please do not call this number before 0800hrs on Wednesday 15 May. If you have any operational queries before this time, please contact Jess Miles on +44 (0) 207 886 3022


Any payments made onsite are required to be made directly to the relevant contractor help desk at the front of the halls or via the organiser’s office located in Hall 9.

Room Hire

Should you require a private area to entertain clients, hold meetings, etc. there are a limited number of hospitality suites available to exhibitors at the National Exhibition Centre.  Please email or call +44 (0)121 767 2782.


Security will begin at 0800hrs on Wednesday 15 May, with 24-hour security commencing at 0800hrs on Saturday 18 May.

Exhibition halls are vulnerable places, particularly during the build-up and breakdown periods. Please take a few moments to consider how you can look after your products and belongings whilst onsite.

Exhibitors requiring additional security guards on their stand should contact customer support on +44 (0)844 338 8338 or email

Security advice for exhibitors

  • Do not leave cash, handbags, mobile phones, valuables, etc. in unlocked drawers, cupboards or on exhibits on the stand. Do not leave wallets or purses in unattended jackets or coats.
  • Night sheets are available for shell scheme stands from Human Built. These provide a see-through netting barrier that leaves the contents of the stand on view at all times, deterring the opportunist thief.
  • Do not ask neighbours to look after the stand, as they may get too busy with their own.
  • Exhibitors should arrive prior to the official opening time and not leave their exhibition stand at night before all visitors are clear of the show.
  • Check all lockable desks and cupboards before leaving the stand.
  • Never leave the stand unattended.
  • Any exhibitor with small valuables, which they wish to leave on the stand, should provide themselves with a lockable cabinet or other safe storage area.
  • Do not lock goods away in hired cabinets on breakdown evening. The furniture contractor will be collecting these items on Wednesday evening.
  • Any exhibitor wishing to change their stand exhibits during the open period must do so between 0800 and 0900 daily. Contractor or exhibitor passes will be required for this period.
  • Please note that build-up and breakdown days are high-risk periods. Ensure the stand is manned at all times. Do not leave the stand unattended to get your vehicle.
  • Please report anything of a suspicious nature immediately to the Organisers Office onsite.
  • Please do not hesitate to check with the Organisers on any security problems or queries.
  • If you find something is missing notify the Organisers Office and the Security department immediately, giving all relevant information.

Special Exhibits or Activities

Please note any company intending to exhibit the following: any engine driven vehicle, balloons, water features, or have activities on the stand not previously covered in this manual, must advise the Organisers in writing as special rules and regulations and licensing arrangements may apply.

Storage (Packaging)

If you wish to store packing cases for the duration of the exhibition, contact our freight forwarding agent – ILS.

On no account should exhibitors store product or empty packing cases behind their stands as this presents a fire risk. Offending items are liable to be removed and destroyed without warning. All product storage, for the duration of the show, should be contained within the stand area. Alternatively, exhibitors can re-stock their stand each morning before the show opens at 10am.

We are not able to offer accessible secure product storage for the open period of the exhibition.


Everyone is talking about ‘Going Green’ and becoming a sustainable business, but what are people actually doing about it? Beginning to ‘Green’ your stand is easier than you think and all you have to do is start thinking and then practicing the 3 R’s:


REDUCE the amount of production and disposal materials involved in your stand build and displays in order to reduce/ eliminate waste. If you cannot REDUCE it, then when you are done, can it be RE-USED? As a final option, can it be RECYCLED?

Please click here for some best practice advice for exhibiting more sustainably.

Tool Kit/Hygiene Box

It is useful to have a box on-site where you store of the useful bits and pieces that can easily be forgotten.  This should include thing to help with the dressing of your stand such as scissors, Velcro, double sided, sticky tape, rubbish bags etc.  You should also include other items that are useful for any coronavirus measures such as anti-bacterial spray / wipes, disposable masks etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Trolleys are NOT available to hire onsite so we would recommend bringing your own.

Travel to the NEC

The NEC offers excellent access by road, rail, and air.

By Air
More than 20 international airlines serve Birmingham International Airport, which is conveniently situated a few minutes from the NEC. 

The NEC is also easily accessible from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and other regional airports.

By Road
Birmingham is at the hub of the UK motorway network, enabling visitors to travel directly from the M1, M5, M6, M6 Toll, M40 and M42.  The NEC has its own on-site car parks with shuttle buses running directly to the exhibition halls.

Local bus services operate from the rail station. More information can be found at and 

The NEC is situated adjacent to Birmingham International station, connected by a covered bridge link.  London is only 90 minutes away and trains also run direct to many regional towns and cities.

TOA Taxis are available outside the NEC entrances or can be contacted on 0800 0142 729 (Freephone).

Please visit the NEC website for more detailed information -

Vehicle Entrances

All doors are a maximum of 7.4m wide and maximum 5.0m high.

Venue Address

MAFS 2024 Halls 6 & 20
The National Exhibition Centre


B40 1NT


Click here for the NEC Site Map.

Waste Disposal

All stands, gangways and common areas within the exhibition hall will be cleaned each day, prior to show open. The cleaning contractor for the NEC is OCS.

Rubbish should be placed each evening in the gangways and NOT left on the stand.

If the activities on your stand mean that you will produce a large amount of waste that needs to be removed regularly throughout the day, please contact the cleaning contractor direct to obtain a quotation for these services. Click here for Waste Order Form.


The NEC provides free, unsupported Wi-Fi. Click here for more information.

*Please note that the NEC warns that this wireless network is not secure or supported and they do not provide any virus scanning or firewall facilities*

Please see the Internet & Telecoms Order Form for internet connection options.



Everyone is talking about ‘Going Green’ and becoming a sustainable business, but what are people actually doing about it?  Beginning to ‘Green’ your stand is easier than you think and all you have to do is start thinking and then practicing the 3 R’s:


REDUCE the amount of waste you produce.

If you can’t REDUCE it, then when you’re done, can it be RE-USED?

As a final option, can it be RECYCLED?

Some best practise advice for exhibiting is:


  1. Marketing – use your website, the exhibition website and electronic media to promote your attendance at the event.  Reduce the amount of paper required and minimise the number of hand-outs by referring people to your website or physical location.
  2. Printed Material – you will still need to have some literature printed so think about using recycled or at least recyclable paper with vegetable based inks and remember that laminates make the paper un-recyclable.  Also make sure your printed material has a longer life than just the 3 days of the show.
  3.  Communications– prepare an exhibition environmental policy and share it with everyone involved. Make a list of your specific green initiatives and goals, then communicate those to your employees, customers and suppliers.  This will benefit your business by generating good PR and lets your customers know that you act responsibly.
  4. Think ahead – talk to the Organisers and ask what procedures are in place for recycling during build-up, show open and break down.
  5. Use Official Show Contractors – reduce the amount of transport going to the same venue by using the official show contractors for technical equipment and freight forwarding.
  6. Stand Construction – If you have a Space Only stand ask your contractors to design a modular stand that can be re-used for other exhibitions?  If your stand is not modular ask your contractors to avoid using MDF in the construction.


  1. Save Energy – During the exhibition try using low energy equipment whenever possible.  Also talk to the electrical contractors about using low voltage lights for your stand.
  2. Switch Off – The power to stands will be switched off 30mins after the close of the show each day EXCEPT for sockets that have been booked as 24-hour e.g. for fridges.  Make sure you only order 24-hour power for equipment that needs it – this will not only help save energy but also your costs!
  3. Stay Close – Use a hotel that is within walking distance of the venue or has good access via public transport, if you must drive make sure you and others leave together and share cars.


  1. Recycle – Use any recycling facilities available at the venue for appropriate material.  If your stand contractor takes away your unwanted stand waste at the end of the show make sure they dispose of it responsibly!
  2. Re-use – Can you re-use any of your printed material or graphics again throughout the year?  Can you continue using the products you had on display or any other items such as owned furniture?
  3. If not, then these items may be useful to others, such as the local community centres or schools. If you would like contact details for these organisations near to the venue rather than where your company is based please contact the Organisers.

Health & Safety - Legal Responsibilities & General Information

Montgomery Group Health & Safety Statement

It is the policy of Montgomery Group to endeavour to seek the co-operation of all concerned in order to achieve the highest standards, in all aspects, of health and safety.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 [HASAWA] and its subsidiary legislation is criminal law, a breach of which is a criminal offence.  In general terms HASAWA places a responsibility on companies and individuals to exercise a duty of care for employees and non-employees who may be affected by their acts and omissions.  These duties can be discharged by doing what is “reasonable” to prevent loss or harm where risk is foreseeable.  It applies to all premises used as a place of work, including temporary locations such as Olympia London, and includes build-up, open days and breakdown.

Montgomery Group and the NEC, within the scope of their own laid down policies, have a responsibility to ensure that safe working practices are maintained at all times, which includes ensuring that provision is made whereby persons, other than Montgomery Group or the NEC employees, are reminded of their responsibilities whilst working at the exhibition centre.

Exhibitor / Stand Holder Duties

Exhibitors and stand holders have a legal duty of care for the safety of anyone who may be affected by their activities. This includes responsibility for all aspects of safety on the stand during the build-up, the open period of the show and during breakdown.  Where an exhibitor has booked a Space Only stand and the building and finishing of the stand is contracted out, exhibitors and stand holders are still vicariously responsible for the activities of their contractors. It is therefore essential that exhibitors appoint a contractor who is fully aware of their Health and Safety responsibilities including CDM 2015.  The Organisers Official Shell Scheme Contractor is responsible for Health and Safety regarding the build of all shell scheme stands and the Organisers will liaise directly with them to ensure all appropriate information and documentation is provided.

Exhibitor/stand holder duties are to comply with the Organiser’s health and safety requirements as laid out in this manual, including submitting health and safety documentation such as Health & Safety Policy, Health and Safety Declaration and Risk Assessments.

Contractor Duties

A contractor’s legal duty of care is as above, including taking into consideration any sub-contractors that they might employ.


Site Rules 

As part of the CDM 2015 Health and Safety Regulations all staff (exhibitors or contractors) who wish to access the hall during build up or break down must read and understand the Site Rules.

A copy of the Site Rules can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • ACCESS - Authorised access to the halls will only be allowed for personnel who have read and understood these site rules. 
  • TRAFFIC RULES - The maximum speed limit for vehicles within the exhibition hall is always 5mph and pedestrians have right of way. All contractors and exhibitors must remain vigilant and be aware that forklifts and vehicles will be operating during build-up and breakdown.
  • EMERGENCY GANGWAYS - Emergency gangways will be clearly identified and must be kept clear of all building material, waste and exhibits to allow forklift movement and emergency access/egress.
  • Protective footwear must always worn during build and breakdown. Anyone wearing open-toed or inappropriate footwear will not be able to access the halls.
  • High visibility jackets must always worn during build and breakdown.
  • Contractors & exhibitors are required to wear suitable protective clothing relevant to their job. This includes protection for eyes, ears, hands, and feet.
  • HOT WORK RULES - A hot working permit must be obtained from the venue, prior to commencement of hot work e.g., ox -acetylene, cutting/welding, arc welding, gas/ oil blowlamps, grinders, tar boilers, soldering or cutting of LEV metal pipes etc.
  • WORKING AT HEIGHT RULES - Appropriate management and safe methods of working at height are always required, checks on suitable equipment will be made onsite.
  • LATE WORKING RULES - Exhibitors and contractors should plan to ensure that working outside the published hours is not necessary. All staff must be made aware of and adhere to the current Working Time Regulations.
  • ACCIDENTS AND ‘NEAR MISSES’ – Any incident that occurs onsite must be reported to the Health & Safety Officer, Floor Manager, or the Organisers Office.
  • SMOKING - Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed in the halls at any time. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.


Contact Numbers
Organisers Office TBC
First Aid/ Medical Emergency  0121 767 2222
Security Emergency 

0121 644 6666

Organisers Office  Hall 20
First Aid Atrium 2 entrance opposite Hall 8
Toilets  Hall 20
Seating Hall 20
Drinking water

Hall 20

Cafe  Hall 20


Follow link to download: Site Rules & Location Plan

General Regulations

Below are some of the principal areas that need to be understood by everyone taking part in the event.

  • An understanding of the Fire & Emergency Procedures of the venue and the protocol for First Aid assistance.  All incidents to be reported to the Organizers or the Health and Safety Officer, including near miss accidents.
  • The emergency gangways, as indicated on the Site Locations Plan, must be kept clear of obstructions, at all times, throughout build-up, open days, and breakdown.
  • All work areas must be maintained free from general waste materials that could be a hazard to anyone working on the stand.  This also allows for any potential hazards to be clearly visible.
  • Hard hats should be worn when working beneath or near overhead working, or if this is not practical, access to such areas should be restricted.
  • PPE including Hi-Visibility Jackets and Steel Toe Capped Footwear must be worn during the Construction phase of Build-up and Breakdown. 
  • Other suitable PPE relevant to the job being undertaken must be worn e.g., hard hats, goggles ear defenders etc. NB: PPE is the last line of defense when all other alternatives have been considered. PPE must be suitable and sufficient for the job and employees trained in its uses and limitations.
  • The Health and Safety Representative for either the contractor or the exhibitor (depending on the user) is responsible for ensuring the safe use and storage of flammable liquids and substances, and segregation from waste and other risk areas. Compliance with the COSHH regulations is required.
  • Portable power equipment must only be operated by fully trained and certified personnel for the purpose for which it was designed, safety guards must be correctly fitted and used.
  • Portable electrical tools must be used with the minimum length of trailing leads and must not be left unattended with a live power supply to it. Trailing leads and electrical cables must not cross over gangways, doorways or fire exits. Any work using power or hand tools must be restricted to the stand space, i.e., no drilling or sawing in the gangways.
  • All materials used for construction or displays must be to Local Authority Standards and not less than British Class 1 standards of flammability (see Materials for Stand Construction on pg. 116)
  • A hot working permit must be obtained prior to commencement of hot work (ox-acetylene, cutting/welding, arc welding, gas/oil blowlamps, grinders, tar boilers, soldering).
  • Safe working at height is a priority whether using ladders or scaffold towers. For more information see Working at Height (on pg. 25) and visit
  • All staff working on site (whether from our own company or those of any company contracted by you) are aware and adhere to the current Working Time Regulations (S.I 1998/1883).  Guidance regarding these regulations can be obtained by contacting your local HSE (Health & Safety Executive) office or visit
  • All construction materials, ladders, trolleys etc. must be removed from the building prior to any public entering the building.  Similarly, no contractors will be permitted access for breakdown until all members of the public have vacated the building.

Any queries with regards to the above please contact 

On-site any violations or concerns regarding the above points should be reported to the Hall Floor Manager or to the Organiser’s Office.  Internal telephones are located around the hall perimeter to contact Fire Emergency Services Dial 3333 or dial +44 (0)121 767 3333 from an external line. To contact Medial Emergency Services Dial 2222 or dial +44 (0)121 767 2222 from an external line. To contact Security Emergency Services Dial 6666 or dial +44 (0)121 767 6666 from an external line.

Risk Assessment

All exhibitors must complete a Risk Assessment that covers their activities during the Open Days.

Risk Assessments do not just relate to the building of the stands. It also needs to cover the activities of ALL exhibitor's staff while they are onsite, whether this is lifting boxes during Build-up or a Product Demo during the Open Days. The Risk Assessment must be suitable and sufficient and needs to identify all significant risks to your own staff, other exhibitors, visitors etc. that may arise from your activities.

Significant risks are those which are reasonably foreseeable in terms of probability and severe enough in outcome to warrant consideration, i.e., they are more than trivial.

The Risk Assessment is the most effective way of documenting, assessing, and controlling risks and under Health & Safety legislation is an absolute legal requirement.

Completing a Risk Assessment does not mean that you are guaranteeing that there will not be any accidents on your stand. It means you have simply taken the time to think through your actions in advance and on an on-going basis. By filling out a Risk Assessment you will be able to reduce the risks of an accident happening or the severity of the accident if it does.  If you were unfortunate enough to have an accident on the stand, you may need to prove that you took all reasonable steps to prevent it happening; a risk assessment would be part of this proof.  Without it you could be found liable (both personally and corporately).

Click here to find the risk assessment template or for further assistance contact your own company’s Health & Safety Officer or visit the HSE website /

Exhibitors must submit their Risk Assessment by attaching it to their completed Health & Safety Declaration Form, no later than Friday 19th April.

We are happy to provide help and advice on completing a Risk Assessment please contact 

We do not approve your Risk Assessments but require copies in order to add them to the show Health & Safety file.  This file will be made available for inspection by the venue, the HSE or the Local Authority should they request to see it.

A copy must also be available on the stand for presentation to any of the above if requested.  If it is considered that unsafe practices are being undertaken, they have the authority to close down the stand.

Stand Building Risk Assessments
These must not be confused with the Exhibitor Risk Assessment and relate solely to the building of the stands, whether they are a Space Only, a Shell Scheme or an Organiser Build Package.  As an exhibitor if you appoint a contractor to build your stand, they will complete the Stand Building Risk Assessment as part of the CDM Regulations.  If you are building the stand yourself, you will need to complete the Stand Building Risk Assessment as part of the CDM Regulations.  Shell Scheme Stands and Organiser Build Packages are the responsibility of the contractors appointed by the Organisers.


Working at Height

Anyone who will need to work at height when building or decorating a stand at the show (this includes any form of step or ladder) should understand and follow the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (as Amended 2007). Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries.

Before working at height, you must work through these simple steps:

  • Avoid working at height wherever possible.
  • Use work equipment or other measures to prevent falls where this cannot be avoided.
  • If working at height cannot be avoided, use work equipment or other measures to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall should one occur.

Figure 1 below gives further guidance for each of the above steps to help you comply with the law and can be found at

You should ensure:

  • as much work as possible is done from the ground.
  • workers can get safely to and from where they work at height.
  • equipment is suitable, stable and strong enough for the job, maintained and checked regularly.
  • workers do not overload or overreach when working at height.
  • workers take precautions when working on or near fragile surfaces.
  • protection is provided from falling objects.
  • you know the procedure should any accidents occur – see Emergency Precautions and Procedures.

The Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO) have developed an online information resource for use in relation to safe working at height.  Please visit

The Working at Height 2005 Regulations can be viewed at: The Work at Height Regulations 2005 .



Emergency/ Fire Precautions & Procedures

First Aid & Medical Emergencies

First Aid Room is located by Hall 5. This will be open at all times during the Construction Phase (including the build-up and breakdown periods) and open period.  Security guards onsite are first aid trained and/or radio through from assistance.

For medical enquiries, call 0121 767 2222 (internal 2222).

In cases of a medical emergency do not under any circumstances call the ambulance services direct.  By involving NEC’s medical team, they can co-ordinate the ambulance staff and due to their knowledge of the hall, can direct them to venue and site of accident correctly and quickly.

Fire Precautions

Fire extinguishers will be located as stipulated by the Authorities.  At least two persons employed on each stand should know how to use these extinguishers and also know the position of the nearest fire alarm point in the building.  The NEC will provide water fire extinguishers and place them on the columns in the hall

If would like a fire extinguisher on your stand, you can hire these from the NEC at a cost, please contact the NEC Sales & Customer Support Department on +44 (0)844 338 8338.

Exhibitors who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require special arrangements should contact the venue direct, the NEC Sales & Customer Support Department on +44 (0)844 338 8338.

Fire Procedures

The NEC is protected by a sprinkler system.  There are also portable fire extinguishers and an electrical fire alarm system.  In the event of a fire emergency:

Break the glass on the nearest fire alarm point.  These are located at each vehicle door, in the organisers’ offices and in the main Piazza areas.

Telephone the Site Operations Centre on 0121 767 2393 (internal 2393) giving the location and the nature of the incident.

Calmly notify neighboring exhibitors of the situation and, if safe to do so, tackle the fire with an extinguisher.

Remember, keep your head down and if you have followed these procedures, help will arrive.

Remember to remain calm. If you have followed these procedures, help will arrive.

Emergency Precautions

A copy of the NEC Emergency Procedures can be downloaded by clicking here. Please ensure you share these will all those coming onsite.

Exhibitors should nominate enough staff to ensure the observance of the following Emergency Procedures at all times including the location of the nearest fire alarm points.

Checking the Stand
Stands should be checked regularly to ensure that no unidentifiable packages, cases, or bags have been deposited.  If suspicions arise, do not touch the article but call the Control Room on +44 (0)20 7598 2666 or 2666 using the internal telephones located on the perimeter of the hall.  When leaving the stand each night (or in the event of an evacuation) Please ensure that appliances are switched off in particular any potentially dangerous items (e.g., naked flames).

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