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hapfo 7000-CNC

hapfo® / steinert® Maschinenbau Stand: N69

Specific characteristics of the 7000-CNC:
Distance between centres: 1.800 mm, 2.900 mm, 3.700 mm (calculated with short six-pronged dog and short live centre)
Copying length : 1.620 mm, 2.720 mm, 3.520 mm (calculated with long six-pronged dog and long live center and four-jaw
back rest. By using the ring-follower rest, additional 120 mm must be deducted ) Copying diameter : 400 mm
eight of centres: 300 mm
 Headstock and machine bed in high quality grey cast iron with milled ans polished bed slideway.
 Bearing of the hollow shaft free from backlash (suitable for connection of vacuum device) with thrust M 45 and inner cone MK 4.
 Bearing of the slide on linear guideways with servodrive.
 The use of the ring-follower rest and steel for rough cutting make the planing of the feedstock unnecessary.
 Tailstock in massive grey cast iron with eccentric quick clamping and cone MK3
 Production of thin parts is possible due to follower rest.
 Option: lathe tool swivel device for a continuous cut, even for balls and grooves.
Simple and practice oriented operation with specific turning functions. Due to the utilization of simple 2D CAD-software,
very little training is necessary. Utilization of common, commercially available PC hardware. Production of many workpieces
from wood-bar is possible.Groovings can be realized with as many graduations and leads as you like. Therefore, we offer as
an option a simple and robust router unit mounted vertically and fix at height of centres or an unit adjustable in height and
swivelling in several senses to execute any imaginable operation.

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